City Food Share

Direct aid to UK food banks and emergency food providers

What we do

Our main areas of focus

Contactless Fundraising

We partner with businesses across the UK through our Tap & Share contactless fundraising initiative. Funds generated through our custom built cashless donation units enable us to provide direct aid to a broad range of emergency food services in the UK.

Food & Resources

We help to provide a broad range of items including food for emergency parcels and resources for the free meal services run by our beneficiaries across the UK. We also help to provide food for the food banks catering for people and families in need.


Tap & Share

Contactless fundraising 

Through our Tap & Share contactless fundraising donations, we directly support an extensive range of food banks, soup kitchens, day centres and shelters by providing food and daily living essentials for people who are homeless, vulnerable, isolated or simply struggling to get by on a low income.

How does it work 


Customers voluntarily Tap their contactless card to donate £3 at any one of our contactless donation points situated around the UK in our host partner businesses.


Donations to City Food Share are then directly used to help provide essential food and resources for UK food banks, shelters and vulnerable people.

Who we help 

We support a wide network of emergency food providers in the UK including food banks, homeless shelters, night shelters and day centres catering to vulnerable and isolated people who find it difficult to find food. City Food Share began in Brighton & Hove in support of 9 local food banks on the south coast. Since then the Tap & Share initiative has grown nationally in Support of FareShare who operate in 1,500 towns and cities across the UK. FareShare redistribute surplus food to local charities in 21 regions and connect charities directly with food from their local supermarkets.