City Food Share: SHARE A MEAL

The SHARE A MEAL Program is an initiative with a ripple effect across individuals, families, businesses and the community. By providing food voucher booklets, we offer immediate relief to those facing hunger, empowering them to choose nutritious meals tailored to their needs, cultural specifications and dietary requirements. This not only promotes health and independence but also eases the financial burdens experienced by emergency food providers.

The Mission:

To alleviate hunger and food insecurity within our community, the SHARE A MEAL Program is dedicated to providing tangible support to individuals and families in need. Through strategic partnerships, outreach, and community collaboration, we strive to ensure that no one goes hungry by distributing food voucher booklets to those facing economic challenges, creating a society where everyone has access to nutritious meals. 

How it works:

Step 1: Donate 

Individuals, businesses, and organisations contribute funds through one-time or recurring donations.

Step 2: Vouchers 

City Food Share creates vouchers for food parcels in collaboration with partnered supermarkets and retailers.

Step 3: Referrals  

Referral bodies allocate vouchers based on a specific 'needs criteria' to individuals and families facing food insecurity.

Step 4: Parcels 

Partnered supermarkets and retailers prepare food parcels according to voucher values and nutritional guidelines.

Step 5: Access  

Those in need gain access to nutritious food by redeeming vouchers with our partners.

Program Objectives

Alleviate Immediate Hunger: Provide timely and direct assistance to individuals and families facing immediate food shortages, ensuring they have access to nutritious meals.

Empower Referral Bodies: Collaborate with referral bodies, including food banks and registered organisations, to identify and evaluate individuals and families in genuine need of food assistance, ensuring a fair and efficient distribution process

Promote Nutritional Diversity: Encourage and facilitate access to a diverse range of nutritious food options, promoting health and well-being among program beneficiaries.

Raise Community Awareness: Educate the community about food insecurity issues and the role of the Community Meal Share program.

Eligibility Criteria:

Residency: Individuals and families residing within the designated service areas of Brighton and Sussex are eligible to receive vouchers from the CMS program.

Economic Need: Recipients should be facing economic challenges and demonstrate a genuine need for food assistance. This includes individuals experiencing unemployment, underemployment, or financial instability.

No Other Means of Obtaining Food: Beneficiaries must lack alternative means of obtaining an adequate supply of food. This ensures that those with limited access to other forms of assistance are prioritized.

Assessment by Referral Bodies: Referral bodies, including local food banks and registered organisations, will conduct assessments to identify individuals and families in need of food assistance. These assessments will consider factors such as income, household size, and specific circumstances.

Collaboration with Social Services: Collaborate with social services and welfare agencies to identify and support individuals who may be eligible for the CMS program due to their vulnerable circumstances.

Vulnerable Populations: Give special consideration to vulnerable populations, including seniors, individuals with disabilities, single-parent households, and other marginalised groups, to ensure their unique needs are addressed.

Fair and Equitable Distribution: Establish a fair and equitable distribution process to ensure that assistance is provided to those who need it the most. This may include periodic reviews of eligibility to adapt to changing circumstances.

Referral Process: Referral bodies will use a standardised process to refer individuals and families to the CMS program. This process may involve completing a referral form and providing necessary documentation to support eligibility.

Confidentiality and Dignity: Maintain strict confidentiality regarding the identities of beneficiaries and their personal information. Treat all individuals with dignity and respect, recognising the sensitivity of their circumstances.

How to Contribute or Get Involved:


Your support directly translates into vouchers for nutritious food parcels, providing essential sustenance for individuals and families facing food insecurity. Join us in creating a community where every donation makes a meaningful impact, ensuring that no one goes hungry.


Join us in the Community Meal Share Program as a fundraiser! We're actively looking for dedicated individuals to play a key role in combating food insecurity. As a fundraiser, you'll contribute to our mission by engaging with the community to generate donations for our mission.


Retail partnerships directly impact our fight against food insecurity. At no extra cost to you, preparing food parcels based on voucher values provides essential groceries to those in need. Becoming a partner showcases your commitment to social responsibility, contributing to a community where everyone has access to nourishing meals.