Food Share Sunday FAQ's

Can I host a Food Share Sunday on any Sunday?

Absolutely. You can certainly pick any Sunday that suits your schedule. We encourage churches to leave a minimum of 4 weeks to prepare and promote the day. 

How will I receive the resource materials?

All Food Share Sunday resources will be available for download on our website. Printed materials will be couriered directly to your church.

How do you support our speakers and leaders?

We will devote our time to liaising directly with your speakers and leaders to discuss the best way to get the message across to your congregation using our resources and materials. We know every church is different, so we are extremely adaptable and flexible in how you would like to engage your congregation.

How are donations taken? 

During the Food Share Sunday presentation, the congregation will be given a small slip to fill in including their name, phone number and donation amount. City Food Share will then contact each member individually by telephone to set up a regular monthly gift, or a one off donation. Members will also be given the information to donate online.

Where do funds raised from Food Share Sunday go?

Funds raised from Food Share Sunday will help provide urgently needed food to struggling families and vulnerable people in the UK in partnership with FareShare, and a network of local independant food banks. Funds will also be used to support the development of Food Share Sunday, it's resource materials, and the expansion of the campaign throughout churches in th UK. 

If I have any other questions, who can I contact?

For any other questions, or just to have a chat about Food Share Sunday, please contact City Food Share at info via