Your church is invited to help support vulnerable people experiencing food poverty in the UK

''When congregations come together in the spirit of giving, we can fundamentally ensure that no one goes hungry in our communities.''

In the aftermath of the pandemic, there has been a major increase in the amount of people unable to feed their families. 

The shocking statistics are that nearly six million adults and 1.7 million children were struggling to get enough food in 2021 with a 95% increase in food parcels given to households with kids. 

Every month FareShare, The Felix Project and a network of independent emergency food providers distribute tens of thousands of meals to vulnerable families and children across the country.

Food Share Sunday has been created to harness the power of collective giving across church communities with the unified aim of tackling the rising issue of food poverty in the UK. Churches devoting just one Sunday in a year to Food Share Sunday will have the opportunity to engage and inspire their congregation to help those living in food poverty.

What's involved?

As a part of Food Share Sunday, you will receive everything you need to incorporate the campaign into your service and inspire your congregation. 


An inspiring presentation featuring lots of information surrounding the issue of food poverty in the UK from our partner organisations and local food banks.


Posters for your church and handouts for the congregation with information about Food Share Sunday, our partners and information on the best ways to support.

Social Media  

An inspiring range of Facebook and Instagram template posts for you to promote and engage your members and congregation in the lead up to your Food Share Sunday. 


We support the speakers who will be leading your Food Share Sunday presentation. We'll ensure speakers are fully equipped with information and materials to inspire your congregation.

Partners & Beneficiaries 

Food Share Sunday is a campaign developed, managed and administrated by City Food Share, a commuity interest company dedicated to supporting food bankc and emergency food providers since 2019.  

FareShare UK is a national network who organise the collection and redistribution of surplus food from supermarkets and stores to a network of food banks and emergency food providers since 1994. 

City Food Share have supported 14 independantly run food banks in Sussex since 2019, as Food Share Sunday grows into new countys, we will continue to support  emergancy food providers local to each participating church. 

Register your Church

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