Bird & Blend Tea Co.


"We are passionate about supporting causes that are close to our hearts" say Mike & Krisi the owners of Bird & Blend

We are thrilled to announce that Bird & Blend Tea Co. has recently partnered with City Food Share to bring the Tap & Share campaign to their Bird & Blend stores throughout the UK. Their eco-conscious and community-minded ethos make them ideal Tap & Share host partners, and with five devices already in place, six further locations confirmed for installation, we are confident that together we can make a real difference in the lives of those most affected by food poverty.

Near the end of the first quarantine, when the three-tier system of social distancing was put in place, Tap & Share units were installed in the first of Bird & Blend's locations. In those few weeks in early December 2020, before stricter lockdown conditions were reinstated nationwide, Bird & Blend were able to generate an impressive number of donations and we at City Food Share were sure they would become one of our most effective host partners.

However, when cases of COVID spiked leading up to Christmas, Bird & Blend, award winning tea mixology company and valued CFS host partner, was deemed a non-essential service and forced to close. As the COVID crisis begins to subside and the end of lockdown finally draws near, businesses like Bird & Blend are able to open their doors to the public once more - inviting us all to sample their extensive selection of delicious vegan tea.

"The last year has been challenging and the pandemic certainly changed many things for us" say Mike & Krisi when asked to share with CFS some of the issues Bird & Blend faced during lockdown. "We are first and foremost a retail company, we believe in the importance of local communities, the high street and people-led experiences. The temporary closures of our stores throughout the last 12 months represented a challenge for our teams and our customers alike. Like many other businesses, we had to furlough many of our team members during the store closures."

For some, the difficulties facing Britain's independent businesses over quarantine seemed insurmountable. But, by bolstering their already strong online presence, Bird & Blend adapted to doing business from a distance and have survived these long months of isolation and uncertainty. Bird & Blend have now re-opened their stores to the public - continuing their mission to re-imagine tea while spreading happiness and good cheer to all their customers.

The reopening of Bird & Blend stores represents, not only the chance to stop by for a taste of their range of delightful vegan tea, packed full of personality and flavour, but the possibility of raising funds and awareness for local food charities through the Tap & Share campaign. The need for services such as food banks, feeding programs and homeless shelters had been growing year on year for the past decade, with millions of people in the UK living in some form of food poverty. Over lockdown the conditions leading to food poverty have only intensified, as more and more people were put on furlough or lost primary sources of income all together, it became harder and harder for people to make ends meet. As we move out of lockdown and hopefully near an end to the pandemic, it is important that we support the members of our communities most affected by it. The Tap & Share campaign employs contactless donation technology to give the public a safe and readily available method of donating to their local food charities.

"We are passionate about supporting causes that are close to our hearts," say Mike & Krisi, "anything that helps the people & environment around us. We are so proud to support this amazing initiative(Tap & Share) to help reduce food poverty in the UK."

With the help of Bird & Blend stores in London, Brighton, Cardiff, Oxford, Manchester, Nottingham, Tunbridge Wells and Bristol, we can make a real difference by supporting the groups and individuals working in our communities to satisfy that most basic of human needs - hunger.

We are deeply grateful to Bird & Blend for all they have done to aid City Food Share and the organisations we fundraise for. Thanks to their help, and that of our other host partners, City Food Share can continue provide year round financial support for local food and homelessness charities. With their current seasonal tea collection - 'Good Vibes' - in stores now, and Tap & Share device on every counter, there has never been a better time to visit Bird & Blend - and for a limited time all teas in the 'Good Vibes' collection come with either their Good Vibes tea-bag-tags or Good Vibes stickers, spreading positive messages to keep you feeling upbeat for the whole day.