Glazed - Next Level Donuts and Coffee


James and Eva, owners of Glazed Coffee, have been City Food Share host partners since September of 2020. In that time, despite the difficulties of lockdown, they have raised almost £500 for local food charities through our Tap & Share campaign, all while providing their community with truly delicious donuts and damn fine espresso from their shop on Ditching Road, Brighton.

Like many of us, the folks at Glazed struggled at first with how to react to quarantine conditions, but James and Eva found a way to keep serving the public and keep raising funds to help fight food poverty.

"We were shut for the first three months of lockdown last year." explained James and Eva, "It was a big shock to the business and coming back from that has been a challenge. However, we've got a really good community here with regular customer support. We have been half as busy as we used to be, and noticed we have cut down production to avoid unnecessary wastage. We had a bit of a moral struggle with the question of reopening - we needed to open up for business reasons but we also wanted to do our bit in terms of shielding vulnerable members of our community. Since reopening the number of key workers who have come in to enjoy coffee and donuts has made us feel that we made the right decision."

When asked about food poverty and their experience working with City Food Share, James and Eva had this to say: "We've noticed a big rise in the numbers of people queuing at food banks locally. But we've also noticed a rise in the number of people helping each other out. It's been great to see. We've had really positive customer engagement with the Tap & Share campaign. Our customers notice and ask what it's about all the time - we even had one couple fighting over who was going to tap to donate. In the end they both did it."

We would like to thank Glazed, and all our Tap & Share host partners, for doing their bit to fight food poverty with CFS. So, pop into to Glazed for a sample of their delectable handmade vegan donuts and while you're there, be sure to ask about their Tap & Share device.