Gratitude Tree & Arkwrights Deli


Since 2014, Gratitude Tree Grocers has been selling a wide range of fresh, local produce. Owners, Najdi and Victoria source their goods from Ashurst Organics, Downsview Dairy, Horsham Gingerbread and High Weald Dairy to name but a few of their local suppliers. Since November 2019 Gratitude Tree has also been a valued City Food Share host partner for our Tap & Share campaign - helping raise funds for local food banks and feeding programmes.

"We have been wholeheartedly delighted to be a host partner with City Food Share. We have received overwhelmingly positive comments from our customers," says Najdi,"while we are both very committed to eating organic we recognise that we are able to do so with ease because of our business. We recognised that so many people in our community and beyond are struggling to put ANY food on the table and that we need to cater for different budgets."

Natasha Stevenson has been the Proprietor of Arkwrights Deli in Beaconsfield Road Brighton for the last 20 years and is proud to see it has evolved into a good value, high quality, reliable and essential shop to have in the community.

"We have worked hard to serve the people of Brighton and beyond essential groceries, quality delicatessen, fresh home cooking, and many filling and affordable meals. Many of our customers also work hard locally and much of the time rely on our good judgement without asking what the special sandwich, soup or hot dish is before ordering!" says Natasha.

Over the past year, Arkwrights has adapted to deliver to people in the Brighton area. They also make available a nutritious, affordable and appealing Kids Lunch Bag for £3 each, recognising the importance of children should having a tasty, nutritious, fun alternative after being at home trying to study, especially with the difficulties many families have faced over this year of lockdown.

Natasha has noticed more organisations such as food banks approaching Arkwrights for help during this very difficult time. She had this to say about supporting the fight against food poverty, "We help if we can; letting some organisations have surplus bread and near to date items if we have them, but there are some restrictions as to what they can take. Our customers have donated via the Tap & Share device well and without hesitation, recognising the need for the money to be spent where it is needed and commenting on how it's a great, uncomplicated way to help. We are proud to be working with City Food Share in these very difficult times and hope we are helping to get the money to where it is needed. City Food Share made the installation and set up of the Tap & Share device seamless and easy."

Huge thanks to Natasha and the team at Arkwrights Deli and at Gratitude Tree for supporting City Food Share. If you would like to follow suit, and become a CFS Host Partner, please email us here.