How businesses help fundraise for the hungry


The Flour Pot Bakery, with its seven locations throughout East Sussex, have managed to raise over £1000 on behalf of City Food Share for local foodbanks and feeding programmes.

The need for such services is increasing at an alarming rate, foodbank usage having exponentially over the past year, and with the help of host partners like The Flour Pot we can provide financial support to those working to feed hungry people. Our Tap & Share units make it easier than ever for independent businesses and local chains to make a difference and help fight food poverty.

All a business needs to become a Tap & Share host partner is a space on their counter in view of customers, where they can conveniently Tap and donate, and an available socket. But thanks to businesses like The Flour Pot Bakery, who go the extra mile, engaging with their customers on the topic of food poverty and CFS's fight against it, we have been able to continue raising funds for vital services during this increasingly difficult time.

With no need for training, selling, or maintenance, CFS's Tap & Share campaign is the prefect way for businesses like The Flour Pot, who want to do their part to care for our communities most vulnerable members, to help effect change in their local area.

We at City Food Share would like to thank the Flour Pot for seeing the simplicity and effectiveness of this fundraising method, and being a major contributor to its success. We all hoped that January 1st 2021 would mark the beginning better year, and, by coming together as a community, we can make sure that it is. If you have a counter, if you have customers, if you feel moved to help raise vital funds - then please contact City Food Share.41People reached4EngagementsBoost post11