Wild Heart & Pearls Bubble Tea


Wild Heart

Portland Road's Wild Heart in Hove sells a wide variety of products. There, you may find anything from a house-plant to some firewood, but Wild Heart are perhaps best known for their fresh and locally sourced fruit and vegetables.

Wild Heart has been a Tap & Share host partner, working with City Food Share to raise funds for local food poverty charities. During lockdown, and despite its size, Wild Heart has managed to generate consistent donations, and CFS is deeply thankful for their continued support.

Martine, owner of Wild Heart, had this to say about her experiences with food poverty and the Tap & Share campaign."I remember going without food myself so my children would have a decent meal on the table. This is something most mothers have been through, it's a shame tap and share wasn't about back in the day. Many of my customers feel the tap and share is a much more convenient way to donate. A fantastic idea."Stop by Wild Heart today for some delicious fruit and veg, and see what else you can find while you're there - and remember to Tap & Share with City Food Share.


Since 2012, Pearls Bubble Tea has been bringing the delicious and exotic flavours of Taiwanese bubble tea to the people of Britain. Bubble tea, infused with a variety of creamy extracts or natural fruit flavourings, processed to perfection by specialist machines, is a jazzy drink, that can be served ice cold or piping hot depending on your mood, and a yummy snack, filled with antioxidants, all in one. Along with giving the public the opportunity to sample a slice of Taiwanese culture through their delightfully bubbly beverages, Pearls Bubble Tea Brighton has been a City Food Share host partner since 2020 helping to raise funds for local food charities through our Tap & Share campaign.

Peter, owner of Pearls Bubble Tea in Gardner Street, Brighton shared with us his thoughts on food poverty, lockdown, and his experience with CFS's Tap & Share campaign.

Make sure to visit Pearls Bubble Tea in time for their Easter special - a yummy delight of chocolate Easter egg and their creamy milk tea mixture - and while you're there, remember to Tap & Share.

"I feel it's a real shame that in a first world society that we live in we still have vast amounts of people experiencing hardships in such basic needs such as shelter and food. I have friends that have had to use the food banks over the pandemic. This really made me realise that literally anyone could fall into food poverty. I now make sure my partner and I regularly donate to our local food bank. I really like the idea of Tap & Share, especially the contactless way people can give towards the campaign. In my experience, it's physically and psychologically easier to give with a simple tap of our credit card or phone rather than giving over physical cash."