Pearls Bubble Tea


Since 2012, Pearls Bubble Tea has been bringing the delicious and exotic flavours of Taiwanese bubble tea to the people of Britain. Bubble tea, infused with a variety of creamy extracts or natural fruit flavourings, processed to perfection by specialist machines, is a jazzy drink, that can be served ice cold or piping hot depending on your mood, and a yummy snack, filled with antioxidants, all in one. Along with giving the public the opportunity to sample a slice of Taiwanese culture through their delightfully bubbly beverages, Pearls Bubble Tea Brighton has been a City Food Share host partner since 2020 helping to raise funds for local food charities through our Tap & Share campaign. 

Peter, owner of Pearls Bubble Tea in Gardner Street, Brighton shared with us his thoughts on food poverty, lockdown, and his experience with CFS's Tap & Share campaign.

"I feel it's a real shame that in a first world society that we live in we still have vast amounts of people experiencing hardships in such basic needs such as shelter and food. I have friends that have had to use the food banks over the pandemic. This really made me realise that literally anyone could fall into food poverty. I now make sure my partner and I regularly donate to our local food bank. I really like the idea of Tap & Share, especially the contactless way people can give towards the campaign. In my experience, it's physically and psychologically easier to give with a simple tap of our credit card or phone rather than giving over physical cash."

Make sure to visit Pearls Bubble Tea in time for their Easter special - a yummy delight of chocolate Easter egg and their creamy milk tea mixture - and while you're there, remember to Tap & Share.