The Pub Partnership


City Food Share's Tap & Share campaign has been raising vital funds for local food charities since Novemberof 2019. But providing a safe and convenient means of giving with our contactless donation units isn't the only way in which CFS works to raise money and awareness for the organisations fighting food poverty and homelessness. Our Text To Donate campaign, online blog and donation portal, the City Food Share fundraising events that proved so successful before the advent of COVID - all geared toward highlighting the rise in food poverty and ensuring that anyone who wants to give has a readily available platform for doing so. Every little helps in the battle against food poverty and City Food Share is dedicated to finding new ways to generate funding and support for those fighting it.

With this in mind, City Food Share's Pub Partnership aims to provide the public with another means of donating to local food charities. It works by maximising the fundraising potential of the bars and pubs that host our Tap & Share units or are otherwise eager to aid CFS in our mission. Unlike the Tap & Share campaign, which was designed simply to replace traditional donation boxes in an increasingly cashless society, the Pub Partnership works with bars and pubs on an individual basis to figure out the most effective and organic way for them to raise funds? Tap & Share has worked wonderfully in pubs, however, changes in service style and issues stemming from COVID and lockdown has meant a number of them have been unable to engage in the campaign despite their eagerness to help.

The Pub Partnership develops unique fundraising methods, specific to the strengths, weaknesses and capacity of each establishment we work with. Whether by offering to donate the proceeds of one of their menu items, hosting sponsored fundraising events or promoting our text to donate campaign, the Pub Partnership tailors its fundraising strategies on a case-by-case basis. But all our strategies have one thing in common - they aim to make it as easy as possible for the pubs and bars of this nation to support their local food and homelessness charities. All that is necessary for a pub to become part of the Pub Partnership is a desire to help feed the vulnerable members of our society, and City Food Share will work to devise a way for you to do just that.

Food poverty and homelessness rates have been rising year on year for the past decade and the organisations committed to addressing these issues are struggling to keep up with demand for their services. The charities working to feed the estimated 8.4 million people in the UK living in food poverty rely on the support of the public, both financial and otherwise, to do their jobs. City Food Share wants to make sure communities have ample opportunity to help care for their most vulnerable members and the Pub Partnership represents another step toward that goal.

We are always looking for new Pub Partners to join the fight against food poverty in whatever way they can. So if you're a pub manager, proprietor or employee and you want to get involved, contact City Food Share and become part of the Pub Partnership.