The Flour Pot Bakery Fiveways


The Flour Pot Bakery's Fiveways store has been one of City Food Share's most successful Tap & Share host partners to date, having raised more than £2000 for local food charities in little over six months. Alongside their signature Brown Sourdough Bread and a delectable pastry selection that is often sold out by mid-afternoon, The Flour Pot Fiveways has done great work in raising funds and awareness for food poverty and homelessness through Tap & Share.

"We are over the moon!" said Natalie, general manager at The Flour Pot Fiveways, about her store's exemplary donation record, "and happy to share the good news with our customers. It's so lovely that we can help out and give others the opportunity to do so too."

With the help of host partners like The Flour Pot Fiveways, who understand just how vital services like feeding programmes and food banks are becoming, and who are intent on helping to do something about it, CFS will be able to provide sustainable funding for the organisations working tirelessly to combat food poverty.

"The rising need for food banks is so sad and worrying." says Manager, Natalie, "I think communities are more aware than ever that their neighbours might be struggling. But it's great that we can all pull together during hard times and It's really amazing how resourceful we have become."

The Tap & Share campaign aims to make it easy for people to donate to their local food charities, employing contactless donation boxes for a safe and convenient method of giving in an increasingly cashless society. Our Tap & Share devices are easy to have installed and require no maintenance - once it's plugged in, customers can begin tapping to donate right away.

"We always receive compliments on what a great idea it is, helping people donate without having to carry around cash. We are all aware food banks are on the rise and our customers love to help out where they can. We have some regulars that love to donate every time they come to visit us!" says Natalie.

So thank you to The Flour pot Fiveways for all they have done to support their local food charities through City Food Share. Whether you stop by for their Sourdough pizza kit for two, their summer special Burundi Cold Brew, or their vegan coconut and almond pain au chocolat - what Natalie calls "the unicorn of pastries" - make sure to ask about their Tap & Share device. With the help of The Flour Pot, as well as our other host partners, CFS can continue to support food charities in their mission to feed the hungry among us.