Wealden Wholefoods


Wealden Wholefoods is a traditional grocer selling organic, fair traded produce who have raised over £500 for local food charities through City Food Share's Tap & Share campaign. Wealden Wholefoods source their goods locally whenever possible and rely on their customers to do the same - being firm believers in the idea that if we don't use the shops on our local high streets, we are bound to lose them. This strong sense of community has allowed them to survive this past year of lockdown, all the while helping to raise funds and awareness for food poverty through Tap & Share.

Barbara Godsalve, Senior working Member of the Wealden Wholefoods Cooperative, used to work for the NHS as a physiotherapist in some of the marginalised areas of inner London 20-30 years ago and back then she was never aware of such a need for food banks..

"It's a shame that in this day and age we should even need them," Barbara told us earlier this week, "Tap & Share is fantastic because it means that when customers donate the money is going to where it is needed"

The need for food banks, feeding programs and homeless shelters is growing, and in the face of COVID-19 the conditions that cause food poverty and homelessness have only intensified. With the help of Wealden Wholefood and our other host partners, City Food Share is working to provide sustainable funding for these vital services.

Stop by Wealden Wholefoods for fresh, organic, locally sourced produce - and Tap & Share while you're there to join the fight against food poverty with CFS.