Pubs and Bars are invited to help fundraise for local emergency food providers

With six million adults and 1.7 million children living in food poverty in 2021, we all have a resposibility to come together and support those of us who are struggling. 

We aim to offer pub-goers a way of donating to their local emergency food providers, the organisations who support vulnerable people. Tap & Share is the easiest way to get started with community fundraising. The contactless donation unit sits on your bar and allows people to donate. 

We work with bars and pubs on an individual basis to figure out the most effective and organic way for them to raise money.  Whether hosting an event, hosting a Tap & Share unit on the bar or simply displaying a poster, all that is necessary for a pub to take part is the desire to help.

We believe in the power of pubs and the importance of their role in society. Through Tap & Share and other fundraising camaigns, local pubs and bars can do even more to support their communities.

''Tap and Share for pubs is easy. It should be a no brainer.''

- Felix, General Manager, Brighton Beer Dispencary

"I would say that tap and share is easy. It should be a no brainer. You stick it on the bar, there's a sign saying what it is and a stand with more information explaining it all, it's really the best way of donating, you go up to the counter anyway to pay for your drinks, what harm can you do to just tap to give 3 quid or whatever you can to help those in food poverty, it's brilliant.

It's the simplest safest way for our customers to donate to an important cause that benefits the whole community. I think all pubs should get involved."

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