Tap & Share enables businesses to support their local food banks

How it works


Register your business online and receive your Tap & Share unit. We will deliver your unit and guide you through the simple set up. Once it is plugged in and switched on you are ready to start start fundraising!


Customers can then voluntarily tap their contacteless card to donate. It is easy and simple with no maintenence required, all you need to do is ensure your devices is switched on and facing your customers.


We will email you your fundraising totals each week so you can let your customers know exactly what impact their donations are having. We will also promote your business across our social media. 

It is completely free for businesses to host a Tap & Share unit, all that we ask is that the device remains plugged in, in a prominent position on your counter at your point of sale to ecourage customer donations.

Tap & Share is a simple solution to fundraising

"...Setting up Tap & Share was so easy, after a phone call we had our units installed within a week. It's a great way of giving and we've had some really positive customer feedback'' 


Marketing Manager, The Flour Pot Bakery

With no need for training, selling, or maintenance, Tap & Share is the perfect way for businesses like The Flour Pot, who want to do their part to care for our communities, to help effect change in their local area.

If you have a counter, if you have customers, if you feel moved to help raise vital funds - then send us a request to host a Tap & Share unit below.

Request a Tap & Share device

We're looking for hosts who will engage with customers, help raise awareness and be an active fundraising partner to City Food Share. If your business is passionate about raising funds to combat food poverty, please request a Tap & Share unit below.